Unlimited frequency membership, for Bay Area residents.

  • Unlimited access to the Club

  • 10% storewide discount

  • $3,000 one-time initiation

  • $200 monthly dues


Fewer frequency membership, residents 70+ miles from Wingtip.

  • Twelve (12) visits per quarter

  • 10% storewide discount

  • $2,000 one-time initiation

  • $125 monthly dues


Group rates and flexibility for corporations.

  • Minimum of 4 named participant members

  • Unlimited access to the Club

  • 10% storewide discount

  • $2,000 initiation for each named member (minimum $8,000)

  • $200 monthly dues for Bay Area named members

  • $125 monthly dues for residents residing 70+ miles from Wingtip

  • Each named membership may be transferred once per calendar year

  • Initiations and dues must be paid from a single corporate entity


a few questions to help you
get a better sense of life at Wingtip.

  1. Is this a men’s club?
    No. Do they still make those?

  2. What is the Club at Wingtip?
    San Francisco’s premier private social club for men & women with an appreciation for master craftsmanship and the finer things in life. A custom tailored suit. A delicious glass of wine or whiskey. A hand-rolled cigar. Great food. Great company.

  3. Where is it?
    Wingtip is located at 550 Montgomery St at the corner of Clay, in the original Bank of Italy building. The Club, open to members and their guests, is on the top two floors of the building (10 & 11).

  4. What does the menu look like?
    Believe it or not, you can browse the lunch & dinner menu from your computer or phone!

    The short answer is that we take our food & beverage program very seriously, as you have to in a city like San Francisco with so many world-class options. We would describe our cuisine as "globally inspired California cuisine" - our most popular dishes are our seasonal Wingtip burger, B-Mac Wrap, and Billionaire's Bacon. Executive Chef Brian Moll joined the team in 2018 with over 18 years of experience in the industry. Chef came to us as the Chef de Cuisine under Grand Chef Gary Danko and he has also overseen catering operations at some of the most exclusive clubs and resorts in the Country.

    Our wine program, overseen by Sommelier, Ted Merkel, includes a 2,000 bottle temperature-controlled cellar, priced generously for the benefit of members. Our By the Glass typically features 20+ options, and for those want to splurge, our Coravin tasting program allows you to try a couple ounces of juice you wouldn't normally find offered except by the bottle. The true oenophile would add a Wine Locker to his/her membership to store their own wine for consumption in the Club.

    The cocktails & spirits program is anchored by a whiskey collection of 400 bottles. The Club's most popular cocktail is our Manhattan, with Martinis also popular. The remainder of the cocktail menu changes seasonally, focused on fresh, in-season ingredients.. The whiskey collection has established our reputation, but a fan of Rum, Gin, Tequila, or Cognac will also find plenty to like. Teetotalers will find to much to like in our selection of coffee, tea, botanical colas, fresh squeezed juice, mocktails, and bottled waters.

  5. What is the policy for inviting guests?
    Wingtip is meant to be a place to entertain family & friends, clients & colleagues. Members may be bring up to three (3) guests to the Club at any time without advance notice. Entertaining larger groups can be accommodated in our private parlor rooms with a reservation.

  6. What are the club's hours?
    Currently, the Club opens at 9 am and closes at 10 pm on Monday, and 12am on Tuesday through Friday. The Club is open from 3pm until 9pm on Saturday.

  7. Is there a dress code in the Club?
    While we think everyone looks better in a finely tailored suit, there is no formal dress code. Business casual or nattier is recommended. We do prohibit shorts, sandals, and sweats, but we don't believe that should be controversial.

  8. How much does membership cost?
    There are two levels of membership — all of which enjoy the Club’s full list of amenities, liberal guest policy, and exclusive shopping privileges. Your choice of membership level will be based on whether or not you live in or outside of the greater Bay Area. The current rates are at the bottom of the page. The initiation and/or dues are subject to change at any time for new members; take heed, membership will never be less expensive than it is today.

  9. Will the number of members be limited?
    The membership will be capped at 1,200 Regular and Social members.

  10. I'm <insert your age here>. Are there other members my age?
    If you answered with anything over "21" and under "dead," then yes, there are members your age. For what it's worth, the average age of our membership is 40, but we have members in their early 20s and members in their late 60s. Wingtip prides itself on the diversity of its membership.

  11. How long has Wingtip been around?
    Short answer: 15 years. Longer answer: we'll tell you on your first visit.

  12. How do I see the place and learn more?
    Click the button below to request a tour. We'll ask you a few questions to get a better idea of the things that make you you, and you should hear back within 24-48 hours.