Here are a few questions to read through to help you get a better sense of life at Wingtip

  1. Is this a men’s club?
    No. Do they still make those?
  2. What is the Club at Wingtip?
    A space for men & women that appreciate the spirit of everything the store represents: the finer things in life. A custom tailored suit. A delicious glass of wine or whiskey. A hand-rolled cigar. Great food. Great company. Admittedly, the amenities are most likely to appeal to those with masculine tastes, but who are we to question your style? We believe in discriminating tastes, without discrimination.
  3. You say this is a ”Loyalty Program unlike any I’ve ever experienced.” What do you mean by that?

    Club members receive a standing 10% discount on all store merchandise, get early access to sales and receive unique, member-only promotions throughout the year.

  4. Where is it?
    Wingtip is located at 550 Montgomery at the corner of Clay St., in the original Bank of Italy building. The Club, open to members and their guests, is on the top two floors of the building (10 & 11).
  5. What does the menu look like? 
    Believe it or not, you can browse the entire bar & restaurant menu from your computer or tablet (it's not really optimized for your phone yet). To browse, click "Continue as Guest." Keep in mind that the menu changes throughout the day, so you can't see the Breakfast menu during lunch hours or the Dinner menu first thing in the morning. 
  6. What is the policy for inviting guests?
    Wingtip is meant to be a place to entertain family & friends, clients & colleagues. Members may be bring up to three (3) guests to the Club at any time without advance notice. Entertaining larger groups can be accommodated in our private parlor rooms with a reservation.
  7. What are the club's hours?
    Currently, the Club opens at 8am and closes at 10pm on Monday, and 11pm on Tuesday through Friday. The Club is open from 1pm until 8pm on Saturday. Breakfast is served from 8am-10am, lunch from 11:30am-2:30pm, and dinner from 5pm-10pm.
  8. Is there a dress code in the Club?
    While we think everyone looks better in a finely tailored suit, there is no formal dress code. Smart attire is recommended. We do prohibit shorts, sandals, and sweats, but we don't think that should be controversial.
  9. How much does membership cost?
    There are multiple levels of membership — all of which enjoy the Club’s full list of amenities, liberal guest policy, and exclusive shopping privileges. Your choice of membership level will be based on how often you plan to visit the Club.
    • The Regular membership has unlimited access to the Club. The one-time initiation is currently $3,000 and the monthly dues are $200/month. Most of our Regular members live or work in downtown San Francisco, and many use the Club several times a week.
    • The Social membership entitles a member to six (6) visits per quarter. The one-time initiation is currently $2,000 and the monthly dues are $125/month. Many of our Social members live in the Bay Area, but just aren't downtown that often, while others visit us every time they're in town from New York, LA, Seattle, London, Sydney, or Columbus, Ohio.
    • The Visiting membership allows five (5) visits per year. The one-time initiation is $1,000 and the monthly dues are $25/month. Visiting members are often long-time web customers that occasionally come to San Francisco and want a space to 'call home'.

      *Social and Visiting members can always upgrade if they find themselves using the Club more than anticipated by just paying the difference between their current membership level and their desired membership level. The initiation and/or dues are subject to change at any time for new members; take heed, membership will never be less expensive than it is today.
  10. Will the number of members be limited?
    Absolutely. Our goal is to create an environment that is busy but not crowded. No one wants to come to an empty club, but no one wants to be three deep at the bar either. At this point, we assume our capacity will peak somewhere near 1,600 members.
  11. I'm {insert your age here}. Are there other members my age?
    If you answered with anything over "21" and under "dead," then yes, there are members your age. For what it's worth (fwiw for you kids), the average age of our membership is 40, but we have members in their early 20s and members in their late 70s. Wingtip prides itself on the diversity of its membership.
  12. How long has Wingtip been around?
    Short answer: 12 years. Longer answer: we'll tell you on your first visit.
  13. How do I see the place and learn more?
    Just scroll down a few more inches and click on the Request a Tour button. We'll ask a few questions that we would love answers to, and we usually get back to inquiries within 24-48 hours.


  • $1,000 one-time initiation, $25 monthly dues
  • 10% Storewide discount
  • Five (5) visits per year
  • A host of member-only shopping privileges
  • Ability to upgrade to Social membership.
  • Special Wingtip-only rates at the Omni Hotel
  • For those who live 100+ miles from SF Bay Area


  • $2,000 one-time initiation, $125 monthly dues
  • 10% Storewide discount
  • Six (6) visits per quarter
  • A host of shopping privileges revealed to members
  • Ability to upgrade to Regular membership.


  • $3,000 one-time initiation, $200 monthly dues
  • 10% Storewide Discount
  • Unlimited access to the Club
  • A host of shopping privileges revealed to members.